Coming Into Your Own is a women's leadership program offered globally and centered around a 3.5-day dynamic personal & leadership retreat for women. It is an experience of reflection, renewal and the opportunity to refocus one’s life.

The CIYO 3.5-day retreat is the hub of a personal leadership transformation blending virtual and in-person learning. We begin with an individual call with a faculty guide and preparatory readings. The 3.5 day retreat follows. A follow up 1 to 2 executive coaching calls will then reinforce insights gained, allowing participants to gauge their progress and consider further support that may be needed to meet identified goals.

The CIYO leadership program engages the whole woman. The program offers women the opportunity to dig deep into who they are today, where they have been and where they are heading. We look at how each woman has navigated her personal and professional life, what her struggles and successes have been. We work with you to identify current challenges, address barriers to forward movement, and cross thresholds to support each woman to develop and achieve her aspirations.

Our groups are kept small to ensure one-on-one conversation, rich dialogue and deep connection with others. Our faculty/participant ratio allows for individualized work along with small group work and the transforming power of the circle.


Globally in the Public and Private Sector
For 20+ years, the CIYO global faculty have been leading successful women’s programs. CIYO participants have come from corporations as varied as Hewlett-Packard, BP, Cargill, Shell, Intel, Boeing, Anglo American, BT, EDF, from Non-Profit/ Government or Academic institutions such as The World Bank, the US Forest Service, the DoD, South African ministries, Save the Children or MIT, and have included numerous artists, stay-at-home mothers, students, entrepreneurs and small business owners, as well as those who saw themselves in transition between career phases, careers or life stages.

With a maximum of about 12 participants, up to 3 faculty guides and in tranquil surroundings there is time and space for deep personal reflection, exploration and regeneration. We look forward to welcoming you to Brewster, New York for the upcoming September CIYO New York and to welcoming you into the global CIYO Alumnae Network following the program.

The CIYO program is also offered as an in-house program by high performing organizations as a transformational development opportunity for women leaders at any hierarchical level who are seeking to create space and value for needed feminine leadership characteristics - such as collaboration, investment in system-wide well-being, empathy and EQ, long-term systemic thinking, and the ability to build social capital while delivering on organizational objective - in traditional organizations

Organizations often sponsor women’s participation in publicly offered CIYOs in order to strengthen their leadership capacity, but many women also choose to enroll on an individual basis. All cultures, backgrounds and walks of life are deeply welcome.

History: The program was originally shaped by the women of The Ashland Institute. The early prototyping, experimental and research phases of these programs were funded at the start by the Fetzer Institute (USA), and the remarkable results in participants’ lives have been tracked over many years. The global expansion of the CIYO over the past decade was catalyzed by Dorian Baroni, Isabelle Pujol, Barbara Cecil and the many faculty worldwide who felt called to learn about the program for themselves, and then join the faculty apprenticeship track so as to bring the CIYO into their own locations and to translate it into their local language. As of 2017, the CIYO has been offered to many hundreds of women in dozens of countries and has been translated into French, Italian, Dutch, German and Turkish, with plans in the works for a translation into Spanish.


"CIYO is a fantastic opportunity to pause and reflect on various aspects of your life guided along by wise and inspiring women in a very safe environment."

Nana Efua- Otoo

"CIYO is very special programme for women interested in self-reflection and a deeper knowing of living in power. This is a very timely program for all women who are looking for a shift in life and leadership."

Kyoko Seki
CIYO Japan

“ CIYO is for women who are ready to empower themselves to lead their ideal lives. If you want to have more clarity on your life purpose; how your past can become your strength; how to see what’s hidden inside you, this is the right program for you.”

Melek Okay
CIYO Turkey

"This program was a genuine appointment with me even through other women witnesses and mirrors. It allowed me time to refocus on this: who built me, who I am, what I live, what I want. And to clarify the small steps, Next steps on my way of life. I emerge energized, peaceful and confident as a leader and wife."

Frances Guitheaux
CIYO France

"CIYO encourages openness and authenticity – providing a safe, supportive and open environment where women can shed their everyday role as mother, wife, daughter, boss or colleague.

I was able to see myself from the inside out vs. outside in, setting aside the perceptions of those I interact with on a daily basis.

There is tremendous power and insight that comes from being witnessed and witnessing others as the group provides the gifts of collective feedback, perspective, spirit and energy. My CIYO experience helped me gain significant new perspective as I considered a major transition in my life."

Michele Steckler
CIYO New York