sTARTING jUNE 2018 - A UNIQUE 3-month PROGRAM BRINGING YOU THE BEST OF THE women agents of change (WAOC) program AND THE coming into your OWN (CIYO) wOMEN'S LEADERSHIP rETREAT



You are busy with work or studies. You have many responsibilities and are juggling a lot.

Taking a long trip away from home and/or work to attend a program just isn't doable. And yet you are ready to invest in your growth and development.

The Change Starts With You program brings the best of the WAOC online program and the CIYO women's retreat together in one 3-month experience.

*Note: Videocalls from 5pm to 7pm Eastern on June 3 and June 10, then on July 15, July 29, Aug 19)


WHAT YOU WILL gain : CLARITy, eASE and the capacity to bring about the changes you dream of making


the Learning elements:

Lifeline/Crucible Moments based on the work of the CIYO and of Bill George at Harvard. This work is based on the belief and experience of leaders, as stated by Bill George “With all of life’s uncertainties, we learn to accept what life brings us and to use each experience as an opportunity for personal growth. You cannot go through life without getting knocked down. The question is how you will respond, and whether you will come back stronger than ever. Rather than living an angry life, suppressing your crucibles, or living a fearful life, I urge you to embrace life’s uncertainties and reframe them as learning opportunities in order to turn them into pearls of wisdom.” Takeaway: A clear sense of your core gifts as a leader

The Tri-motive Brain based on the work of Nelisha Wickremasinghe at Oxford. - we will learn about Threat brain, Drive brain, and Safe brain motivational states. Their functionality and their dyfunctions. And how to build more leadership resilience through the practice of Self-Compassion (mindfulness, accepting our common humanity, self-regard and clear boundaries). Takeaway: Greater resilience and practices for emotional intelligence

Inner Critic work based on the research of Tara Mohr of Playing Big and Shadowwork. Inner critic dynamics are the #1 internal factor that keep women from accessing their full gifts and power. We all have inner critics, men and women alike, but for women especially the Inner Critic voice can be particularly debilitating leading them to doubt their own accomplishments, hold back from putting themselves forward, negotiating a raise, enjoying their successes and learning from taking reasonable risks. In the program we will look at how our Inner Critic dynamic holds us back, and learn to quiet the voice of criticsm so as to be more sustainably confident. Takeaway: Greater confidence in self and other

Inner Mentor work also based on the research of Tara Mohr of Playing Big and the Jungian Sovereign leadership archetype of the CIYO. We all have a deep well of authentic wisdom within us that we too rarely access to determine our sense of purpose, and therefore lead in ways that are informed by that inner North Star.Takeaway: More clarity of Purpose

Interpersonal and team effectiveness work based on the research of Patrick Lencioni. The currency of interpersonal effectiveness is Trust, as well as an ability to engage productively in creative tensions, disagreements or conflict.Takeaway: Clarity on why Trust (in self and others) is foundational to interpersonal effectiveness

Change and New Habits work based on the research of Charles Duhigg, Professor Fogg at Stanford and Britt Andreatta. How the change curve works and why we are wired to resist change, how to shape goals so as to be most effective in shifting habits, and the power of tiny habits practices. Takeaway: How to put in place 60- to 90-day change experiments that will allow us to shift mindsets as well as behaviors.

The Power of Mind-Body Integration -  we will engage in mindfulness practices and in the weekend deep dive also restorative yoga, to experience the power of somatic integration in accessing more Safe brain motivational states (as opposed to running on the fumes of Threat brain or Overdrive brain at all times). Takeaway: The identification of the value of a personal somatic practice to strengthen your Presence


  • Deep connections and a network of support - Learn what being your won agent of change truly means for you and walk away with a supportive network of connections from the program

  • Access to the global WAOC and CIYO Alumnae network - WAOC and CIYO Alumnae form a powerful network of women throughout the globe. You will have access to this rich network of new contacts for support and advice via dedicated Facebook pages

  • Access to discounted individual or group coaching plans - You or your organization can choose to invest in an individualized program of coaching. Select CIYO faculty offer discounted coaching plans to CIYO Alumnae as long as they start up to 6 months following program completion. Note: Corporate-sponsored participants receive 3 follow up months of team coaching videocalls.


Be inspired, refreshed and re-energized

It's time to tune into the changes you want to make to your leadership


"We delight in the

beauty of the butterfly,

but rarely admit the changes

it has gone through

to achieve that beauty." 

~Maya Angelou

WHO attends: women like you. women who are ready

  • Aspiring changemakers - you have a sense that there is something more for you to do - be it in your current work context or by starting up a new venture

  • Trailblazers - others are looking to you for guidance and leadership. You may have been playing it safe, but now you are ready to step into your next role

  • Learners - you are looking for new ways of learning and developing yourself, in ways that are proven to have great impact, but are often not included in standard learning programs

  • Engaged citizens - you see opportunities for deeper connections across differences in today's complex times

  • Women leaders for the 21st century - you may be a student, stay at home mother, working professional, entrepreneur, artist or retiree. You are choosing to live your best self and express your gifts by leading by example


WHEN: Starting June 3 2018 at 5pm Eastern with our first 2-hour learning videocall (call will be recorded for those unable to attend at the time). Following through with a weekend deep dive on June 23-24. Completing with learning videocalls on July 15, July 29, and Aug 19. Note: All videocalls will be recorded.

WHERE: The in-person portion of the program will take place June 23-24, 2018 at the Eileen Fisher Learning Lab at 50 Buckhout Street in Irvington, NY. The weekend times will be from 9:30am to 5pm each day.

TUITION COST: includes two 2-hour learning videocalls on June 3 and June 10, then the June 23-24 weekend program in Irvington NY,  and completing with the three follow up 2-hour learning videocalls July 15, July 29, and Aug 19, plus preparation materials and resources, embodied practices guidance, access to global WAOC and CIYO Alumnae networks, follow up learning materials and access to the option of preferential rate coaching plans

  • $2,500* Corporate-Sponsored tuition costs (asks us about the 15% discount if 2 or more from the same company participate)

  • $1,500 Government-Sponsored/Not-For-Profit Organization- Sponsored tuition

  • $1,250 Full Individual Enrollment (i.e. not sponsored or reimbursed by an organization)

  • A limited number of spots are available at $750, if you feel that you cannot afford the full investment. If you select this tuition level, we ask that you commit to sharing some aspect of your learning and/or materials from the program with a small group of other women in your network for free within 6 months of finishing the program.

PAY IT FORWARD NOTE: 10% of tuition revenue is donated to a local women's non-profit.

A NOTE ON ACCOMODATIONS AND MEALS: This program is designed to be non-residential. For those not commuting to the June 23-24 weekend sessions, there are hotels in the area: The Tarrytown House Estate and  The Doubletree by Hilton Tarrytown.  On both Saturday and Sunday, we will have a 1.5-hour lunch break so that you can get some air, take a walk, sample any one of the local cafes and restaurants and/or visit the local Eileen Fisher Green Eileen or Design Lab company stores.

*Corporate-Sponsored participants gain access to an additional 3 months of team coaching/learning videocalls

online registration is closed - please contact Dorian for more information

Faculty for this program

Note: we support the EFLI summer programs for teenage girls and boys! Please consider supporting them as well: EFLI LINK

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Dorian is an executive coach, leadership programs and retreats faculty, and organizational advisor. She led the CIYO's global expansion for over a decade. Her capacity for eclectic discernment was tested throughout a 35 year global corporate career that spanned a variety of industries - investment banking (Morgan Stanley), global energy (BP), consumer goods (Procter & Gamble), art retail and most recently consulting - and a number of countries - UK, US, Venezuela, Italy, and Belgium.

In her consulting and coaching for the past decade, she has worked with a range of clients - from Corporate Senior Executives to Millennial Social Entrepreneurs/Activists in the US and Europe; from Yale E-MBA candidates to Humanitarian Relief Organization staff in Washington and the Middle East. One of her core beliefs is that a change agent's individual journey towards wholeness is critical to addressing today's global challenges - be that change agent an organization's leader, a social activist for change, a student leader or a parent wanting to raise a child for a better future.

And as a woman in the world of business, she is particularly passionate about the role and power of women to support the evolution of global mindsets, social systems and models of economic impact. She is regularly invited to host sessions at conferences and in the C-suites of multinationals focused on the positive impact of the presence of women leaders on business productivity, innovation in teams, and well-rounded societal solutions to today's thorny problems.

Dorian is the Founder of an online social impact venture: Women Agents of Change, focused on providing programs and resources for women who are ready to learn about and create change in their personal, interpersonal and organizational life.

In 2019, she will be publishing the big book of changes, a manual, go-to-guide, and resource on change and transformation frameworks practices, case studies, learnings, etc. as well as offering free access to change and transformation resources and information to anyone who is interested in bringing about positive change in themselves, with others, in the systems and organizations they are part of.




Karen is deeply passionate about empowering mindful living, conscious leadership, and awakening possibilities and potential. She is the founder of Your Conscious Footprint and serves on the CIYO global faculty.

Her expertise and innovation in the areas of diversity and inclusion, cultural competency, visioning, women’s leadership, and community building, has led her to lead numerous large-scale initiatives bridging organizations, government, and corporations towards sustainable collaborations and collective impact. 

As an executive, leadership and life coach and facilitator, she works globally across wide ranging fields and sectors. She is additionally a registered yoga teacher specializing in Restorative yoga and Urban Zen integrative modalities. Her own personal path of deepening mindfulness and presence based practices has inspired her to inspire others to discover the power of pause and “whole” self.  Our outer journey is truly fulfilled when it is aligned with our inner journey so that we can take bold, authentic, purposeful steps in all walks of our journey.

Karen is honored to be part of the Athleta team, which was recognized as a B corporation recently and in furthering the missing of PowerofShe, the power of women coming together to create social impact through a foundation of health and wellness. She teaches restorative yoga at the Athleta Flatiron Studio in NYC. CIYO Alumnae in New York City can learn more about this by contacting her directly.



Lilia is an experienced coach and consultant who specializes in leadership development, organizational effectiveness, career transition and conflict resolution. She brings a unique approach to her engagements and interventions, applying 20 years of experience in various multinational companies, such as Unilever, Pernod Ricard, Mondelez and Rohm and Haas. She facilitates self-directed learning (SDL) using techniques grounded in research in areas including theories of adult and organizational development, intentional change models, whole-brain thinking and systematic team coaching. Lilia is one of fewer than 500 Organizational & Executive Coaches certified by Columbia University worldwide, and also holds certification from the Gestalt Center for Organization and Systems Development.

Before becoming a coach, Lilia enjoyed an accomplished career in B2B & B2C marketing and strategy. She held several global leadership roles, including Head of Consumer Insight & Strategy and Marketing Director. She also served as a Senior Consultant for ontheFrontier (Monitor Group), a strategy and competitiveness advisory firm in emerging markets. Throughout her corporate career, Lilia was recognized for her ability to drive innovation and cross-departmental strategies, as well as to foster transformational change and talent development. She has extensive international experience working in Latin America, North America, Europe and Asia. Given the current trend towards a geographically diverse workforce, her international background provides her with unique insights into organizational and cultural challenges.

Currently, she is working with startups to optimize learning cycles, improve collaborative leadership skills, drive alignment and enhance team effectiveness as well as with senior executives in transition and leadership development.