You are busy with work. You have many responsibilities at home.

Taking a multiple day trip away from home and/or work just isn't doable for you at this time of your life.

The WAOC/CIYO brings together the best elements of the  changing self curriculum of the Women Agents of Change (WAOC) online offering  and the Coming Into Your Own women's Leadership Retreat experience


WHAT YOU WILL gain : CLARITY and EASE and a restored sense of agency

  • Leadership tools - Proven and practical knowledge and frameworks for an improved level of leadership, including enhanced strategic, embodied and creative decision-making skills
  • Inner clarity and improved presence - Instead of trying to live out your leadership to solely meet the expectations of others, you will tune into your own inner 'why', so as to lead with more authentic alignment and impact
  • Deep connections and a network of support - Learn what being your won agent of change truly means for you and walk away with a supportive network of connections from the program
  • A clear vision of the path ahead for you - Review your leadership and life through a crucible moments process to access reservoirs of your own intuition and wisdom, so as to act on your intentions when the time is ripe
  • Access to discounted individual or group executive coaching plans - You or your organization can choose to invest in an individualized program of coaching. Select CIYO faculty offer discounted coaching plans to CIYO Alumnae as long as they start up to 6 months following program completion
  • Access to the global WAOC and CIYO Alumnae network - WAOC and CIYO Alumnae form a powerful network of women throughout the globe. You will have access to this rich network of new contacts for support and advice via dedicated Facebook pages


Be inspired, refreshed and re-energized

It's time to tune into the changes you want to make to your leadership


"We delight in the

beauty of the butterfly,

but rarely admit the changes

it has gone through

to achieve that beauty." 

~Maya Angelou

WHO attends: women like you. women who are ready

  • Aspiring changemakers - you have a sense that there is something more for you to do - be it in your current work context or by starting up a new venture
  • Trailblazers - others are looking to you for guidance and leadership. You may have been playing it safe, but now you are ready to step into your next role
  • Learners - you are looking for new ways of learning and developing yourself, in ways that are proven to have great impact, but are often not included in standard learning programs
  • Global citizens -  you see opportunities for deeper connections across differences in today's complex times
  • Women leaders for the 21st century - you may be a student, stay at home mother, working professional, entrepreneur, artist or retiree who is choosing to live your best self and express your gifts by leading by example


WHat to expect - outline of our two weekends

First Saturday Agenda

  • Welcome and "Check Ins" - Deep Dive Introductions
  • Clarifying Individual Development Wants – Metaphor and Focus
  • Introduction to the Creative Process as an Emergent Change framework
  • Ages and Stages of a Woman’s Life – Seeing Commonalities and Planning for Individual Change
  • Lifeline process - Learning from Key Turning Point in our lives and the lives of others
  • Embodied Practice Time - Regenerative Yoga

First Sunday Agenda

  • Embodied Practice Time - Mindfulness Practices
  • “Check Ins” – a Social Technology for Intentional Leadership
  • Power of Presence – Mindfulness and Happiness
  • Introduction to Leadership Archetypes
  • Leadership Archetypes Self-Assessment – Cultivating your Leadership Identity
  • Embodied Practice Time - Nature as a Guide:Leveraging the power of Nature for insights
  • Leadership Archetype Shadows


Second Saturday Agenda

  • Embodied Practice Time - Mindfulness Practices
  • “Check Ins” – a Social Technology for Intentional Leadership
  • Nature as a Guide - The power of Silence
  • Introduction to the Symbols Process for Strategic Decision Making
  • Symbols Process Demo and Instructions
  • Symbols Process Duos Mentoring – Creating a Developmental Environment for Others and for Oneself
  • Embodied Practice Time - Restorative Yoga

Second Sunday Agenda

  • Embodied Practice Time - Setting Intentions
  • Visioning Process
  • Containers - Developmental Environment Needs Assessment
  • Clean Talk - Own Your Voice / Clear Communication
  • Creative Process – A framework for sustainable improvement
  • Leadership Archetypes as support - Practices to Enhance our less developed leadership qualities
  • The Power of Commitment to move into Action
  • Intention Setting - Clarify your Vision
  • Farewells & Reminder of What Comes Next


Followed by…

  • Access to CIYO Alumnae private online communities
  • Individual coaching follow up call
  • Group check-in call 1-month-out
  • Access to CIYO Alumna preferred rates for coaching packages



WHEN: Exact dates TBD for Late Spring 2018

WHERE: 'Pop up' Locations in NYC

TUITION COST: includes individually tailored pre- and post-session coaching calls, a group post-session call, pre-program reading suggestions and video learning resources, 20+ hours of cutting edge leadership sessions, a guided regenerative yoga session, access to global CIYO Alumnae network, takeaway materials

  • $2,000 Corporate-Sponsored
  • $1,500 Government-Sponsored/Not-For-Profit Organization
  • $1000 Individual

Note: Do you need a sample sponsorship request letter for your organization? Find it HERE

Also, we will work with individuals committed to their participation in CIYO to make it as accessible as possible. If you are interested in attending but the cost is a significant obstacle, please let us know so that we can examine options available.



New York City Faculty


Karen is deeply passionate about empowering mindful living, conscious leadership, and awakening possibilities and potential. Her expertise and innovation in the areas of diversity and inclusion, cultural competency, visioning, women’s leadership, and community building, has led her to lead numerous large-scale initiatives bridging organizations, government, and corporations towards sustainable collaborations and collective impact. 

As an executive, leadership and life coach and facilitator, she works globally across wide ranging fields and sectors. She is additionally a registered yoga teacher specializing in restorative yoga and Urban Zen integrative modalities. Her own personal path of deepening mindfulness and presence based practices has inspired her to inspire others to discover the power of pause and “whole” self.  Our outer journey is truly fulfilled when it is aligned with our inner journey so that we can take bold, authentic, purposeful steps in all walks of our journey.

Karen is also offering restorative yoga sessions at Athleta locations in New York in 2017. CIYO Alumnae in New York City can learn more about this by contacting her.





Dorian is an executive coach, leadership programs and retreats faculty, and organizational advisor. Her capacity for eclectic discernment was tested throughout a 35 year global corporate career that has spanned a variety of industries - investment banking, global energy, consumer goods, art retail and consulting - and a number of countries - UK, US, Venezuela, Italy, and Belgium. In her consulting and coaching these days, she is working with a range of clients - from Corporate Senior Executives to Millennial Social Entrepreneurs/Activists in the US and Europe; from Yale E-MBA candidates to Humanitarian Relief Organization staff in Washington and the Middle East. One of her core beliefs is that a change agent's individual journey towards wholeness is critical to addressing today's global challenges - be that change agent an organization's leader, a social activist for change, a student leader or a parent wanting to raise a child for a better future. And as a woman in the world of business, she is particularly passionate about the role and power of women to support the evolution of global mindsets, social systems and models of economic impact. 

Dorian is hosting an online Agents of Change program for women who are ready to learn about and create experiment of change in their personal, interpersonal and organizational life. Registration closes October 16, 2017.

In 2018, she will be publishing the big book of changes, a manual, go-to-guide, resource on change and transformation frameworks practices, case studies, learnings, etc. as well as launching a website dedicated to offering free access to change and transformation resources and information to anyone who is interested in bringing about positive change in themselves, with others, in the systems and organizations they are part of.



Elsie Maio_close up smile copy.png


Elsie Maio is on a mission – to empower high performing businesses to profitably align with the well being of humanity. Since 1983, she has been touted as a practical visionary in the field of brand strategy – helping clients get ahead of emerging global trends in business and society, long before it became fashionable. Since the late 1990s, Maio pioneered SoulBrandingSM - a multifunctional approach to merging The Golden Rule with high performance business practices. Today, Elsie publishes and speaks frequently on the practical benefits and applications of the emerging business paradigm she defines as, Humanity, Inc.SM,  in broadcast and published media and as keynote at global conferences, foras, and other events. She participates in all client engagements.





Vibha Chokhani is a social intrapreneur who works alongside leaders of social-good organizations to transform organizational culture and strengthen practices around business development, program design and implementation. She is also the Operations Leader for Mindkind Institute.

She received her MBA in Operations and Entrepreneurship from The College of William & Mary and her Bachelor of Management Studies from University of Mumbai, India. She also holds a Six Sigma Green Belt certification, and trained as a Yoga instructor. She previously worked for NYC-based social enterprise Catchafire, supporting a number of nonprofit and social organizations.  If not reading the next book on personal growth and spiritual development, you can find Vibha whipping up a meal in the kitchen for groups and communities. She truly believes her curries have the power to change the world, for good of course.



  • Orient to your present moment through a Life Line process
  • Integrate the Ages and Stages of your life and those of key others around you
  • Discover and access Four Archetypal leadership dimensions of yourself
  • Tap into the wisdom of your body through a Restorative Yoga practice
  • Discover the power of a diverse Circle of Women
  • Gain the insights from the Creative Process to thrive at your own pace
  • Explore and begin to resolve core aspects of your life via an Individual Symbols Process
  • Learn how to initiate courageous conversations using the Clean Talk framework

Some Recommended Resources

Whether before the program or after it, we recommend reading through Coming Into Your Own, a book on transitions by our colleague and CIYO elder Barbara Cecil.



During the program you will be introduced to a session on how to ready yourself to hold the courageous conversations that you need and want to have, to support your intentions. Our colleague and CIYO faculty in the UK, Sarah Rozenthuler's book is a useful resource on finding one's strong yet respectful voice when interactions are challenging.




Nelisha Wickremansinghe will be publishing a book in late 2017 leveraging her deep knowledge of neuroscience and leadership development and change/complexity. In the meantime, she has shared this free introductory article. "It's not my faulty. The role of self-compassion in a VUCA world"   LINK HERE


For those who are called to explore how an inclusive culture may be enhanced in their work environment, this book by our colleague and CIYO faculty based in Continental Europe, Isabelle Pujol, is an example of the power of collective authorship. Not only is the content full of practical and high impact advice, but it has been co-created by Isabelle and over a dozen of her inclusion and diversity colleagues around the world.




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