Coaching is essentially partnering with you as the client in a thought-provoking and creative process to equip you to maximize your personal and professional potential. This is particularly important in today's uncertain and complex environment, as continuous learning and transformation are required to sustain not only career growth. What is also needed is the capacity to resiliently navigate complex change. In their role as a coach, Karen and Dorian both acknowledge you as the ultimate expert of your life and work, ground my support of you in the belief that you are fundamentally creative, resourceful and whole. I am not here to fix you or push you in directions you are not interested in exploring. Their responsibilities in a coaching session are to: discover, clarify and align with what you truly want to achieve; encourage your capacity for self-discovery and development; support you in developing new solutions and strategies; and, hold you accountable to your own stated intentions.

sessions ARE included in our programs' tuition

Your Tuition fee includes individual coaching.

INDIVIDUAL COACHING SESSION - Your individual coaching call will be scheduled with either Dorian or Karen and they will work with you individually to find the best date and time for this 1 hour call. Expect to complete your call with one of them within 6 weeks following the program.

GROUP COACHING SESSION - For the recently held CIYO Brewster session participants, on Nov 9th at 12noon Eastern, a Group Coaching Session will be offered via Zoom. You will receive an invitation via email to join this session following completion of the program.



Our experience has shown that executive or life coaching support can make a real difference for participants who find themselves navigating a period of significant transition. For this reason, Dorian and Karen are offering coaching programs available only to CIYO Alumnae at special rates.

3-MONTH COACHING PROGRAM - The average coaching program is designed as a 3-month coaching program with 2 coaching sessions per month, follow up materials and tailored assignments, as well as electronic accessibility for quick check ins or support, as needed.

6-MONTH COACHING PROGRAM - Women who are going through specific career changes within their organization have also found it valuable to contract for a 6-month coaching program that includes the same elements of a 3-month plan, plus specific leadership development modules tailored to their specific career phase. Examples of development modules: managing change across a virtual team, preparing for retirement and wanting to get clear on third act passion projects, identifying what competing commitments are getting in the way of a desired change that hasn't been easy to make happen, mapping the stakeholders in a new organization that one is joining as an experienced hire, addressing gender unconscious bias, managing one's energy and resilience in the face of competing priorities, or building a high performance team.

GROUP COACHING PROGRAM - Depending on the interest, Dorian and Karen are available to host a group coaching program for 3 to 6 CIYO alumnae who may be interested in adding a peer coaching component to the coaching support they receive. This approach also helps with finances, as they would be able to spread their coaching program fees among the enrolled participants. If you are interested in this approach to your continued development, please let us know during your program follow up coaching session.



Dorian is an executive coach, leadership programs and retreats faculty, and organizational advisor. Her capacity for eclectic discernment was tested through a corporate business experience that has spanned a variety of industries - investment banking, global energy, consumer goods and art retail - and a number of countries - UK, US, Venezuela, Italy, and Belgium. In her consulting and coaching these days, she is working with a range of clients - from Corporate Senior Executives to Millennial Social Entrepreneurs/Activists in the US and Europe; from Yale E-MBA candidates to Humanitarian Relief Organization staff in Washington and the Middle East. One of her core beliefs is that a change agent's individual journey towards wholeness is critical to addressing today's global challenges - be that change agent an organization's leader, a social activist for change, or a parent wanting to raise a child for a better future. And as a business woman, she is particularly passionate about the role and power of women to support the evolution of global mindsets, social systems and models of economic impact. 

More about Dorian: her coaching and programmatic activities (dorianbaroni.com and womenagentsofchange.org) and her global consulting association (Morris Graham Ltd)


Karen is deeply passionate about empowering mindful living, conscious leadership, and awakening possibilities and potential. Her expertise and innovation in the areas of diversity and inclusion, cultural competency, visioning, women’s leadership, and community building, has led her to lead numerous large-scale initiatives bridging organizations, government, and corporations towards sustainable collaborations and collective impact. 

As an executive, leadership and life coach and facilitator, she works globally across wide ranging fields and sectors. She is additionally a registered yoga teacher specializing in restorative yoga and Urban Zen integrative modalities. Her own personal path of deepening mindfulness and presence based practices has inspired her to inspire others to discover the power of pause and “whole” self.  Our outer journey is truly fulfilled when it is aligned with our inner journey so that we can take bold, authentic, purposeful steps in all walks of our journey.

More about Karen