are you readY?

Ready to shape new directions in your professional or personal life?

Ready to engage with any challenges that come your way from a strong wellspring of personal authority?

Ready for reflection, regeneration and support from an experienced community of women?

Ready to get access to cutting edge knowledge and tools for flourishing?

come experience THE cOming into your own (CIYO) program for women


Some the core learning elements:

  • Lifeline/Crucible Moments - Takeaway: A clear sense of your core gifts as a leader

  • The Tri-motive Brain - Takeaway: Greater resilience and practices for emotional intelligence

  • Inner Critic work - Takeaway: Greater confidence in self and capacity to trust others

  • Inner Mentor work - Takeaway: More clarity of Purpose

  • The Power of Mind-Body Integration - Takeaway: The identification of the value of a personal somatic practice to strengthen your Presence


Join Women Agents of Change Founder Dorian-Patrizia Baroni



Change Starts With You program - Irvington, NY

3 Months: Online (June 3, June 10) + In-person Session June 23-24  at the Eileen Fisher Learning Lab, 50 Buckhout Street, Irvington NY + Online (July 15, July 29, Aug 19) - note: all videocalls are recorded




And even if you cannot join us, please consider supporting the EFLI summer programs for teenage girls and boys! EFLI LINK